ICU nurse throws baby shower for mother who survived COVID-19

Steve Hartman of CBS News –

For ICU nurse Caitlyn Obrock, the last year has been a blur. She’s treated hundreds of COVID-19 patients at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis. But, she says, one patient stands above.

“From the very beginning Monique was special to me,” Obrock said. 

Monique Jones, 28, came to the hospital deathly ill from COVID-19 and six months pregnant. “The baby was priority over her,” Obrock said of Jones. “She would do anything for her baby.”

Jones was eventually intubated, but Obrock talked to her and prayed over her for countless hours. When doctors decided the only hope for mother and child was an emergency C-section, Obrock made a promise.

“I was like, if Monique makes it, we’re going to throw her the biggest baby shower there is to have,” Obrock said. 


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