Who is that horned man who breached the US capitol?

Caitlin Ellis in New Hub of New Zealand –

One unmissable face from photos of the U.S. Capitol riot is that of an odd-looking man donning a pair of large horns, fur, and claiming he was a paid actor at a Black Lives Matter protest.

The shirtless horned man was seen in many photos taken at the storming of the Capitol building, which saw windows smashed, pipe bombs planted, people killed and delayed Congress in certifying Joe Biden as the winner of the U.S. election. 

In an attempt to shift the blame for the Capitol building breach, some supporters of President Trump spread an untrue conspiracy that the horned man is from the left-wing group Antifa.

The theory was quickly debunked as multiple outlets have reported the character to be a Pro-Trump 32-year-old named Jake Angeli.

Angeli is from Arizona and according to Arizona Central is a QAnon supporter who has been a fixture at Trump rallies and QAnon events for the past year.

QAnon supporters believe an untrue and baseless theory that a high-level government official is sending them clues about a paedophile ring made up of the worlds most influential celebrities and politicians. 

Angeli often spends his days outside the Arizona Capitol screaming about a range of conspiracy theories relating to QAnon and other right-wing beliefs he holds.

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