Huge Blow in Trump’s Bid to Stop Massive Golf Course Losses

Dan Cancian in Newsweek –

From his presidential campaign to his four years at the White House, golf has been a prominent feature of Donald Trump‘s solitary presidential term. According to the Trump Golf Count website, the president has played golf at least 150 times since his inauguration despite claiming in August 2016 that he wouldn’t have “time to go play golf” if elected president. In November, Trump was on the green when he learned President-elect Joe Biden had won the presidential election.

More importantly, golf largely played the role of silent ally throughout Trump’s first term. Over the last four years, the NBAMLB and even the NFL have all incurred the president’s wrath after distancing themselves, albeit to various degrees, from Trump, while golf largely kept its counsel.

That, however, changed dramatically on Sunday when the PGA of America entered the political arena and joined the ever-growing list of organizations, companies and even Republican politicians cutting ties with Trump for his role in the riots that saw thousands of his supporters storm the U.S. Capitol last week.


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