Trump Impeachment II Was Just as Awful as the Original

Not even an insurrectionist mob in the Capitol can divorce the House G.O.P. from the departing President.

Susan B. Glasser of The New Yorker –

This time was no different. At least not for the vast majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives. Never mind the deadly rampage of the pro-Trump mob that endangered their own lives, and the President’s direct role in setting that mob loose on the Capitol. When the House of Representatives returned to the scene of the crime on Wednesday, for the first-ever second impeachment of a President, the result was drearily predictable: Democrats supported it and, with a few exceptions, Republicans didn’t.

And so the second impeachment of Donald John Trump, just like his first impeachment, will go down in history not as an exercise in forcing the President to face consequences for his actions but as a stark confirmation of how in thrall to Trump the Republican Party remains.


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