Sunday Reading: Trump’s Second Impeachment

Note from Ken Feltman: Years from now, after thousands of books and articles have been written about Donald Trump’s presidency and impeachments, a teacher somewhere in the world will assign students a project: Write about the impeachments of President Trump. The students will pour over encyclopedias and books. They are far less likely to study magazines published during and immediately following the Trump years.

Yesterday, a woman in Arizona contacted me. She is a grandmother and asked if I could suggest some sources other than the daily newspapers and television that she could read to her grandchildren. Since my freshman year at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, I have been a New Yorker subscriber. Today, I am part of a New Yorker articles discussion group at my local library in Falls Church, Virginia.

Also today, I read the New Yorker online. It contains several articles that seem to be what she has been trying to find. What a coincidence! I sent the link to her and she responded with a happy THANK YOU!!!

Perhaps others will like these New Yorker articles:

Sunday Reading: Trump’s Second Impeachment | The New Yorker

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