The Future of Work May Be Even More Sexist

Brigid Schulte and Emily Hallgren in Slate –

As technology and automation rapidly remake a very different future of work, some economists predict that women will benefit the most from the coming disruptions. Although women have no doubt been hardest hit by the COVID-19 economy, in the coming years, women-dominated caring jobs—like nursing, teaching, and providing child and elder care—that aren’t easily replaced by machines will be among the fastest-growing occupations and thus more likely to be “future-proof.”

It’s not that many women’s jobs won’t be automated away. They will. Just as men-dominated mechanical and machine operating jobs are predicted to disappear, so too are women-dominated administrative and clerical jobs. But most of these future-of-work predictions assume women will continue to dominate the care economy. And all because men aren’t expected to care.


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