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Planned Parenthood announces $45M campaign to defeat Trump, flip Senate

Jessie Hellmann of The Hill – “The stakes are higher than ever, and we’re coming out more powerfully than ever with the largest investment we’ve ever made,” said Kelley Robinson, executive director of Planned Parenthood Votes, in an interview with … Continue reading

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The Fed Just Printed More Money Than Bitcoin’s Entire Market Cap

Anyone worried about federal spending? Maybe we all should be. More money in circulation may be good for President Trump’s re-election campaign – but may not be so good for regular citizens who have their money in savings accounts. – … Continue reading

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An Awful Lot About Rudy

– Rudy Giuliani and the Impeachment Inquiry – Turkey, Iran, gold, Giuliani and Trump: A guide to the case of Reza Zarrab – Giuliani’s Ukraine Team: In Search of Influence, Dirt and Money – The almost comical corruption of Rudy … Continue reading

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What Democrats Love About Joe Biden

Taegan Goddard of Political Wire – Joe Biden certainly hasn’t been great in the candidate debates. At this stage, his advisers know that they are unlikely to win over many progressive activists or dominate the highly educated demographic that has … Continue reading

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An early look at the 2020 electorate

This article, published in January, is proving to be very helpful to members of the media and political professionals Anthony Cilluffo and Richard Fry of Pew Research – While demographic changes unfold slowly, it’s already clear that the 2020 electorate … Continue reading

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