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20 ways artificial intelligence is changing our lives

By Peter Giffen in Espresso From chess-playing computers to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence involves machines learning from experience and performing tasks like people, only better. Using natural-language processing, computers are trained to perform specific functions, analyzing huge amounts of data … Continue reading

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How Far Are We From Truly Human-Like AI?

By Terence Mills in Go Boldly from Forbes Artificial General Intelligence Is Decades Behind, And Therefore Decades Away We May Never Know For Certain If Machines Achieve True Awareness Self-Awareness Will Take A While, But It’s Hard To Say Exactly … Continue reading

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At This High-Tech Farm, the Boss Is an AI-Powered Algorithm

By Aki Ito in Bloomberg Each morning when she gets to work at Bowery Farming Inc., Katie Morich changes into a clean uniform, puts on a hairnet and cleans her hands with sanitizer. Then she consults a computer monitor displaying … Continue reading

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How is AI being used in Marketing Technology?

By Nico Bibb in ClickZ “What’s all this about AI taking the world by storm?” “Is it hype or is it true innovation?” These are probably some of the questions you’ve been asking yourself since AI seems to be on … Continue reading

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China’s AI-infused corner store of the future

By Steve LeVine of Axios China’s take-no-prisoners Big Tech war is playing out in An Huang’s little family grocery in Hangzhou, a three-hour drive southwest of Shanghai. What’s going on: A year ago, Huang and his father had a visit … Continue reading

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