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Smart Money Said ‘Skip Bitcoin, Bet on Blockchain.’ Not Any More

Olga Kharif of Bloomberg – As cryptocurrency prices tumbled across the board last year, venture capitalists focused their attention on the promise of the underlying technology, the ledger known as blockchain. That, many said, was the smarter bet. Now, the … Continue reading

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Blockchain and AI: Leading the Way to the Fourth Industrial Revolution Against the Odds

By Julia Magas of Coin Telegraph – Human imagination and the strive to turn science fiction into science fact goes back to ancient times, but has only truly begun to manifest itself in the last 50 years. Though mostly unseen … Continue reading

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135 Million Reasons To Believe In A Blockchain Miracle

By Mike Maddock in Forbes Magazine – This is a story about how a “frozen” (or stolen) $135 million can force you to rethink how your business will need to operate sooner than you think—and why you need to harness … Continue reading

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Price of bitcoin falls below cost to mine

By Ed Zwirn of the New York Post To add to the misery to bitcoin enthusiasts, the act of finding or “mining” the cryptocurrency has become unprofitable as the price continues to crater. This raises further questions about the viability … Continue reading

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Is Blockchain the Future of Antivirus?

By Steve Bassi of Polyswarm Blockchain is often conflated with cryptocurrency as a speculative asset. Most media publications tend to focus on the market volatility and potential value of a currency while dragging blockchain and smart contracts into the discussion. … Continue reading

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