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5 Things Your Company Should Know Before Investing in Artificial Intelligence

From Entrepreneur – The year 2020 has been marked by the acceleration in the development and adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in various aspects of daily life, but above all it has had a transcendent impact on the operation of companies. … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Finally Lost

Kadia Goba and Rosie Gray – He survived bankruptcies and was rewarded with a reality TV show and the US presidency, but Trump’s gilded streak is now over. But after a desperate last-ditch effort to discredit the results of the … Continue reading

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How one Hill aide is turning his political connections into a business

 Lindsey McPherson of Roll Call – Exclusive newsletter was the start of something more Ask Michael Hardaway to sign you up for his Sunday evening newsletter, and he’ll probably say no. His own parents aren’t even on the list. That … Continue reading

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Authenticity is key: How has consumer sentiment changed in 2020?

Rives Martin for ClickZ – Do you ever feel like brands know way too much about you?  When was the last time you heard someone say, “I swear my phone is listening to my conversations”? Privacy and authenticity are becoming … Continue reading

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Companies Announce Tens of Thousands of Layoffs

InfoWars – Government lockdowns causing long-term economic damage Tens of thousands of people will get pink slips in the coming weeks as the long-term economic damage caused by government lockdowns in response to the coronavirus pandemic begin to ripple through … Continue reading

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