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When Fifth Place is a Badge of Honor

By Mark Rhoads According to a story on CNN Money, Mitt Romney raised more than $12 million worth of campaign donations in 2011 from Wall Street investment and banking executives, more than any other candidate. President Obama was in second … Continue reading

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Apple reports that Steve Jobs has died

By Ken Feltman What do we do now that Steve Jobs is gone? Replacing him at Apple would be like the Methodist Church trying to replace John Wesley.

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The Hottest Places Are Reserved For Business Lobbies

by Mark Rhoads Dante Aligheri wrote that “The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who in time of great moral crisis keep their neutrality.” Apparently the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is proud of raising money under a false flag. They … Continue reading

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Pawlenty’s Rick Lazio Moment?

by Mark Rhoads Cattle call debate forums sometimes turn on trivial moments that nevertheless reveal some personality flaws. Gov. Tim Pawlenty is a credible conservative but got caught up in the moment when he tried to press Rep. Michele Bachmann … Continue reading

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A Bad Idea Keeps Coming Back

By Mark Rhoads In general, government hates activity it cannot tax or control. Government hates the non-geographic nature of the internet because the reach of web is global but the jurisdictional boundaries of governments have geographic limits. Now there is … Continue reading

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