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In the Midst of the Coronavirus Crisis, We Must Start Envisioning the Future Now

 Masha Gessen in the New Yorker – Sixteen years ago, in the very early days of medical genetic testing, I received a positive result for one of the BRCA mutations, which are correlated with a vastly increased risk of breast … Continue reading

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What are Forever Chemicals? And Should You Be Concerned?

Sara Goddard in Green That Life – The term “forever chemicals” is a nickname for a class of manufactured fluorinated chemical substances found in a whole host of consumer products, drinking water, and in industrial practices. Technically known as per- … Continue reading

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Fighting breast cancer with AI early detection

Sarah-Jayne Gratton in GrattonGirl – Breast cancer awareness month is here and, with it, the latest statistics send a stark reminder of just how important early detection is in combating this brutal disease. With revolutionary strides forward in Artificial Intelligence … Continue reading

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‘We are dropping like flies.’ Ex-fighter pilots push for earlier cancer screenings

Tara Copp of McClatchy Washington Bureau – Former Air Force and Navy fighter pilots are calling on the military to begin cancer screenings for aviators as young as 30 because of an increase in deaths from the disease that they … Continue reading

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A New Way to Detect Breast Cancer?

By Sophie Cousins, an Australian writer and freelance journalist, in the New York Times For poorer people in India and many other countries, a computer engineer has found a way to detect breast cancer without radiation. More than 90 percent … Continue reading

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