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A teacher is caring for her student’s newborn brother because his mom is recovering from Covid-19

David Williams of CNN – An elementary school teacher in Connecticut says she is taking care of a newborn baby boy after getting a phone call from a student’s mother who was eight months pregnant, when she was hospitalized suddenly with … Continue reading

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Today is International Women’s Day

Ken Feltman – Earlier today I was thinking about some of the wonderful things that my grandmothers and my mother did to make my life – and others’ lives – better and happier. I remembered a visit to our town … Continue reading

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A modest proposal: Education as an equalizer

Rep. Ron Kresha (R-Little Falls) in the Minnesota House of Representatives – All children have a fundamental right to a quality public education that fully prepares them with the skills necessary for participation in the economy, our democracy and society. … Continue reading

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What are Forever Chemicals? And Should You Be Concerned?

Sara Goddard in Green That Life – The term “forever chemicals” is a nickname for a class of manufactured fluorinated chemical substances found in a whole host of consumer products, drinking water, and in industrial practices. Technically known as per- … Continue reading

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A 3-year-old’s prayer goes viral. Perhaps Congress could learn from him. Actually, perhaps you and I could.


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