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The Deadly Dance of the Eagle and the Dragon, Part 3: America’s Strategy

By David Murrin, author of Breaking the Code of History – Donald Trump is no doubt a strong leader and the majority of his policies are the right ones to reassert American influence. However, domestically Trump – and thus America … Continue reading

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Key findings about U.S. immigrants

By Gustavo López, Kristen Bialik and Jynnah Radford of Pew Research – The United States has more immigrants than any other country in the world. Today, more than 40 million people living in the U.S. were born in another country, accounting for about one-fifth … Continue reading

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Uyghur refugee tells of death and fear inside China’s Xinjiang camps

By Ivan Watson and Ben Westcott of CNN – The children’s eyes light up when their mother pulls out a photo of her triplets taken shortly after their birth in 2015. “Moez!” three-year old Moez says, pointing at the infant … Continue reading

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What effect does the Trump circus have on the world?

By Fareed Zakaria of the Washington Post It’s easy to get distracted by the circus of the Trump presidency. But what is its larger effect? A persistent complaint from Asian countries has been that while the United States worries about … Continue reading

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You buy a purse at Walmart. There’s a note inside from a “Chinese prisoner.” Now what?

Tracing a mysterious message across the world to understand how what we buy is made. By Rossalyn A. Warren in Vox When Christel Wallace found a piece of paper folded up at the bottom of her purse in March 2017, … Continue reading

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