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China slaps sanctions on US over Hong Kong unrest

Video by Yahoo News – China suspended US warship visits and sanctioned American NGOs on Monday in retaliation for the passage of a bill backing pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. The financial hub has been rocked by nearly six months … Continue reading

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Houston, we have a Problem

David Murrin of Global Forecaster – The adage that empires pull themselves apart from the inside before they succumb to external rising powers, is born out repeatedly across history. Today it is the American Empire  that is well into its … Continue reading

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Melting Ice Redraws the World Map and Starts a Power Struggle

Marc Champion of Bloomberg – Melting ice is opening access to new energy resources faster than predicted, prompting a nascent great power struggle in the Arctic as the political and economic map of the world is transformed. U.S. Energy Secretary … Continue reading

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China rejects Trump’s request to investigate Joe Biden, report says

Jacob Pramuk of CNN – China has dismissed President Donald Trump’s request to investigate his political rival Joe Biden. “We have no intention of intervening in the domestic affairs of the United States. Our position is consistent and clear,” Chinese … Continue reading

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David Murrin in Global Forecaster – Climate change has not occurred at some arbitrary point, but at a specific phase in our human history – as two industrial super empires co-exist.  On the one hand, the US, which peaked in … Continue reading

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