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What are Forever Chemicals? And Should You Be Concerned?

Sara Goddard in Green That Life – The term “forever chemicals” is a nickname for a class of manufactured fluorinated chemical substances found in a whole host of consumer products, drinking water, and in industrial practices. Technically known as per- … Continue reading

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Inbreeding may have helped cause Neanderthals to go extinct, study says

Ashley Strickland of CNN – Neanderthals went extinct around 40,000 years ago — about the same time that modern humans migrated out of Africa. This has led researchers to believe that modern humans won the competition for resources, leading to … Continue reading

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The world is sadder and angrier than ever, major study finds

by Rob Picheta of CNN – It’s not just you; the world really is getting more miserable. People worldwide are sadder, angrier and more fearful than ever before, according to a major analysis of global well-being. All three emotions rose … Continue reading

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The Deadly Dance of the Eagle and the Dragon, Part 6: Conclusion

By David Murrin, author of Breaking the Code of History – Reviewing America’s progress in containing the momentum of the Chinese challenge we must conclude that so far it is “too little too late.”  Trump’s America needs to find another … Continue reading

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The Coffin Business Is Booming in Central America Due to Gang Violence

By Matthew Bremner in Bloomberg Businessweek – In El Salvador, Jucuapa is home to dozens of small factories that churn out what some locals call the “wooden pajamas.” Juan Carlos Pacheco and his brother Carlos Stanley begin, as always, by … Continue reading

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