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Rapid Growth of Glacial Lakes Worldwide Revealed in Dramatic NASA satellite Images

From NASA – In the largest-ever study of glacial lakes, researchers using 30 years of NASA satellite data have found that the volume of these lakes worldwide has increased by about 50% since 1990 as glaciers melt and retreat due to climate … Continue reading

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The Coronavirus, Climate Change, and the End of Seasons as We Knew Them

 Paul Elie in The New Yorker – (Paul Elie, the author of “The Life You Save May Be Your Own,” is a senior fellow at Georgetown University’s Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs.) There’s a Staples store on … Continue reading

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Beavers are gnawing away at the Arctic permafrost, and that’s bad for the planet

Katie Hunt of CNN – The beaver may be an unlikely agent of climate change, but the cuddly-looking creatures are transforming the Arctic landscape in a way that could be exacerbating global warming, a new study has suggested. Continue…

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Warming oceans are causing marine life to shift toward the poles

  Gege Li of New Science – Climate change is dramatically changing the abundance of marine life around the world. As oceans warm, populations of species that can adapt to elevated local temperatures have increased nearer to the poles, while … Continue reading

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Drought Down Under

Maria Vultaggio of Statista – Australians in New South Wales are celebrating after heavy rainfall on Thursday brought some relief to the region. Since September, devastating wildfires have blazed throughout the continent. Climate change? Continue…

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