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The Most Honest Book About Climate Change Yet

William T. Vollmann’s latest opus is brilliant, but it offers no comfort to its readers. By Nathaniel Rich in the Atlantic The story of climate change hangs on human behavior, not geophysics. William T. Vollmann seeks to understand how “we could … Continue reading

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Video: China is being choked by its deserts. This family is fighting back

See the video…

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Are These The USA’s First Climate Change Casualties?

By Elaina Plott, staff writer for The Atlantic, in Pacific Standard Magazine Scientists predict Tangier Island could be uninhabitable within 25 years. This is the story of the people willing to go down with it—and why they’ve risked it all … Continue reading

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How much does science knowledge influence people’s views on climate change and energy issues?

By Cary Funk of Pew Research Center Many in the scientific community believe that if the American public were more informed about the science behind climate change and energy issues, people would hold views that aligned more closely with those … Continue reading

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Doomsday: 9 Real Ways the Earth Could End

By Tia Ghose of Live Science From catastrophic climate change to hostile aliens, Hollywood routinely envisions apocalyptic endings to humanity’s stint on planet Earth. But although the movie may be pure fantasy, many scientists are worried about other perilous scenarios — … Continue reading

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