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U.S. concern about climate change is rising, but mainly among Democrats

Brian Kennedy and Meg Hefferon of Pew Research – The share of Americans calling global climate change a major threat to the well-being of the United States has grown from 40% in 2013 to 57% this year. But the rise … Continue reading

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Why Good Politics And Good Climate Science Don’t Mix

Maggie Koerth-Baker of FiveThirtyEight – Imagine two people walking through a field. One of them tiptoes gingerly, zigging and zagging from one side to another. The other strides confidently straight ahead. Who looks more like they know what they’re doing? … Continue reading

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The Leaders of These Sinking Countries Are Fighting to Stop Climate Change. Here’s What the Rest of the World Can Learn

Justin Worland in Time Magazine – The journey to the Fijian village of Vunidogoloa is arduous. It requires a flight across the Pacific to the nation’s remote international transit hub, a 140-mile connection on a rickety 19-seat plane to a … Continue reading

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Your seasonal allergies are getting worse because of high levels of carbon dioxide — here’s why

Aylin Woodward in Business Insider – Spring brings fresh blooms and warmer weather, but those seasonal changes also herald the start of allergy season for about 40 million Americans. As pollen proliferates, so too does the sneezing, itching, and nose … Continue reading

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The Day the Dinosaurs Died

By Douglas Preston in the New Yorker Magazine – A young paleontologist may have discovered a record of the most significant event in the history of life on Earth. If, on a certain evening about sixty-­six million years ago, you … Continue reading

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