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Trump, the last action hero

 Geoffrey Harpham in The Hill – In a now-forgotten film, a satire of the action genre — a police detective (Arnold Schwarzenegger) indulges in a moment of reflection, asking himself, “To be or not to be?”   He immediately decides in favor … Continue reading

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The rotting of the Republican mind

David Brooks in the Palm Beach Post – In a recent Monmouth University survey, 77% of Donald Trump’s backers said Joe Biden had won the presidential election because of fraud. Many of these same people think climate change is not … Continue reading

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Rapid Growth of Glacial Lakes Worldwide Revealed in Dramatic NASA satellite Images

From NASA – In the largest-ever study of glacial lakes, researchers using 30 years of NASA satellite data have found that the volume of these lakes worldwide has increased by about 50% since 1990 as glaciers melt and retreat due to climate … Continue reading

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The Coronavirus, Climate Change, and the End of Seasons as We Knew Them

 Paul Elie in The New Yorker – (Paul Elie, the author of “The Life You Save May Be Your Own,” is a senior fellow at Georgetown University’s Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs.) There’s a Staples store on … Continue reading

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Beavers are gnawing away at the Arctic permafrost, and that’s bad for the planet

Katie Hunt of CNN – The beaver may be an unlikely agent of climate change, but the cuddly-looking creatures are transforming the Arctic landscape in a way that could be exacerbating global warming, a new study has suggested. Continue…

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