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The American Mythology of Racial Progress

Americans Are Determined to Believe in Black Progress Jennifer A. Richeson in The Atlantic – For two days in early June, as America was erupting in sustained protests over the killing of a Black man, George Floyd, by police in Minneapolis, … Continue reading

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Can Congress Vote Remotely? Well … Maybe.

Geoffrey Skelley of FiveThirtyEight – In total, nearly 30 House members are at some stage of self-quarantine and five senators are self-quarantining. The outbreak of the coronavirus on Capitol Hill has underscored just how ill-equipped Congress is to govern when … Continue reading

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Trump’s unbroken pattern of disdain for the rule of law

Joan Biskupic of CNN – Since his early days in office, Trump has scorned legal norms and the men and women who carry them out. He publicly mocked federal judges, derided the criminal justice system as a “laughingstock” and used … Continue reading

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What Does Invoking The 25th Amendment Actually Look Like?

Julia Azari, associate professor of political science at Marquette University, in FiveThirtyEight – Television shows are writing the 25th Amendment into their ripped-from-the-headlines storylines. Pundits debate the possibilities of the removal and succession of the president if he is incapacitated. … Continue reading

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How Two Arcane Clauses In The Constitution Could Expose Trump’s Businesses

By Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux of FiveThirtyEight – Two years into Donald Trump’s presidency, we still know relatively little about the inner workings of his family business, the Trump Organization. But today, a case that could force the company to reveal some … Continue reading

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