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What Does Invoking The 25th Amendment Actually Look Like?

Julia Azari, associate professor of political science at Marquette University, in FiveThirtyEight – Television shows are writing the 25th Amendment into their ripped-from-the-headlines storylines. Pundits debate the possibilities of the removal and succession of the president if he is incapacitated. … Continue reading

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How Two Arcane Clauses In The Constitution Could Expose Trump’s Businesses

By Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux of FiveThirtyEight – Two years into Donald Trump’s presidency, we still know relatively little about the inner workings of his family business, the Trump Organization. But today, a case that could force the company to reveal some … Continue reading

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The 4 Types Of Constitutional Crises – and which ones are most likely to come up during Trump’s presidency.

By Julia Azari and Seth Masket of FiveThirtyEight – People have been talking about the possibility of a “constitutional crisis” since before President Trump’s election. And in the wake of Trump’s executive order restricting the ability of people from seven … Continue reading

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Midterm fury fuels Trump’s assault on constitutional norms

Analysis by Stephen Collinson, CNN President Donald Trump is intensifying his challenge to constitutional constraints and governing norms that are already facing their gravest test since Watergate in the 1970s. Trump has reacted to the coming Democratic majority in the … Continue reading

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How the Florida recount will unfold – and why it matters

By Letitia Stein of Reuters Florida elections officials are racing to recount ballots this week after razor-thin voting margins left the state’s marquee contests for the U.S. Senate and governor too close to call. Republicans took the lead in last … Continue reading

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