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Scientists may have discovered fifth force of nature

With appearance of mysterious new particle X17, will physicists have to call time on hunt for dark matter? Harry Cockburn of the Independent – It has long been recognised that there are four “fundamental forces” which govern nature.  The substance … Continue reading

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Vaping: the epidemic of teen vaping continues to surge, unabated

Julia Belluz of Vox – Nicotine e-cigarette use rose for another year in adolescents, while few older adults touch the devices. Vaping was introduced into the US market as a tool for helping adult smokers quit. But that’s not who … Continue reading

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Human Extinction Is Extremely Likely: Scientists

And people don’t seem all that bothered by the possibility. Kristin Houser of Futurism – Forget for a moment nuclear weapons, biological warfare, and the slew of other ways humanity could cause its own destruction. If you take into account … Continue reading

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A third wave of autocratization is here: what is new about it?

Anna Lührmann in Taylor & Francis Online – The decline of democratic regime attributes – autocratization – has emerged as a conspicuous global challenge. Democratic setbacks in countries as diverse as Brazil, Burundi, Hungary, Russia, Serbia, and Turkey have sparked … Continue reading

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Who Democrats In Early-Primary States Don’t Want To See Nominated

Seth Masket and Dave Peterson in FiveThirtyEight – Sen. Bernie Sanders (left) and former Vice President Joe Biden are among the race’s top candidates, but a number of early-state Democrats would hate to see them nominated. One of the most … Continue reading

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