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The problem is white supremacy

Barbara Smith in the Boston Globe – ‘Systemic racism’ conveys the pervasiveness of racial oppression, but white supremacy goes further by indicating that there is a rigid nexus of power that protects and enforces it. Continue…

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At Mt. Rushmore and in the White House, Trump Updates ‘American Carnage’ Message for 2020

His ominous remarks were a reflection of his political standing: trailing in the polls, lacking a booming economy or a positive message to campaign on, and leaning on culture wars to buoy his loyalists. Annie Karni and Maggie Haberman in the New … Continue reading

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The problem is white supremacy

Barbara Smith in the Boston Globe – In her novella “In Darkness and Confusion,” Ann Petry provides a wrenching fictional account of the 1943 Harlem race riot. Why is this story, written almost 80 years ago, so relevant to what … Continue reading

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Criticism of Skin Lighteners Brings Retreat by Unilever and Johnson & Johnson

Priya Arora and Sapna Maheshwari of the New York Times – The companies have responded to a new wave of criticism calling beauty products that advocate lighter skin discriminatory. As major consumer products companies have rushed to declare their opposition to racism … Continue reading

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David Murrin of Murrinations – Although America and Britain speak the same language, they exhibit many fundamental differences with respect to social integration of its various races. Today in Britain, based on a 2011 census, some 86% were white; 8% … Continue reading

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