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Africa is the perfect ground for cryptocurrency use

Richard Ells in CoinGeek – When asked about how cryptocurrency can impact Africa, Electroneum founder and CEO Richard Ells said the continent is “the perfect ground for the use of cryptocurrency.” Continue…

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US Government Worried Crypto Can Shift Power to Private Sector

Kevin Helms in – Cryptocurrency is one of the top issues for the U.S. Treasury. Particularly, the Treasury is worried decentralized cryptocurrencies can shift some functions away from the government to the private sector and raise the issue of … Continue reading

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Why is Russia Mirroring China’s Anti Crypto Stance?

from Bitcoinist – Reports are emerging that Russia’s stance on crypto has turned negative. The news comes in the wake of another ‘bitcoin ban’ in China. It is no surprise that central banks do not favor decentralized currencies in a … Continue reading

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Bitcoin Going Berserk in November Makes Holidays Awkward

Vildana Hajric of Blomberg – For better or worse, the month of November has always been one to remember in the world of Bitcoin. Reasons cited for its volatile moves during the 11th month of the year run the gamut … Continue reading

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Bitcoin No Longer Seen as the Driving Force in Crypto Market

Brandon Kochkodin of Bloomberg – Bitcoin has plunged more than 30% since hitting a year-to-date high. That fact is clear, but explaining why the world’s largest digital currency has lost momentum in the second half of the year is anything … Continue reading

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