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What We Now Know About Iran’s Global Propaganda Campaign

By Issie Lapowsky in Wired They set up phony news sites with stories ripped from other sources, backing up their state-sponsored agenda. They stole photos for their social media profiles and made up names. They formed an incestuous web of … Continue reading

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Is Blockchain the Future of Antivirus?

By Steve Bassi of Polyswarm Blockchain is often conflated with cryptocurrency as a speculative asset. Most media publications tend to focus on the market volatility and potential value of a currency while dragging blockchain and smart contracts into the discussion. … Continue reading

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Six Big Takeaways from Mueller’s Indictment of Russian Intel Officers

by Andy Wright, Alex Whiting, Ryan Goodman and Kate Brannen of Just Security Here are two of the six: 5. Mueller Investigation Vitality: Notwithstanding the laments and wishful thinking from people like Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) and Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s … Continue reading

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What The Latest Mueller Indictment Tells Us About Election Hacking

By Clare Malone of FiveThirtyEight While the Mueller investigation is primarily focused on whether members of the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, it has also tackled issues of Russian interference in our democracy at large. Russian tampering with election systems is … Continue reading

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Big gulp: Coca-Cola data breach caused by disgruntled ex-employee

By Derek Kortepeter of TechGenix No matter how strong a company’s InfoSec policies are, and how strong their IT security team is, there will always be breaches of security. One key factor in this reality is the human element as … Continue reading

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