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Essential Geopolitics: Iran’s Cyberwarfare Strategy

A Stratfor Podcast – In this episode of the Essential Geopolitics podcast series from Stratfor, a RANE company, the conversation turns to Iran’s cyberwarfare strategy. Emily Donahue asks Senior Global Analyst Matthew Bey how Iran’s cyberwarfare strategy has evolved in recent years. What does its … Continue reading

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Underdefended: America’s Vulnerable Energy Infrastructure

Steve Westly, Former California Controller, and Taggart Bonham, Dartmouth College – In the world of public-sector cybersecurity, most of our current attention is on ransomware attacks and safeguarding our elections. Those are genuine and important threats, of course, but there’s … Continue reading

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Big Data isn’t the bad guy! Facing up to cybersecurity in healthcare

Sarah Jayne Gratton in GrattonGirl – Our medical data is perhaps the most precious personal commodity we have, so how do we keep data secure in the new era of healthcare technology?  Continue…

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Senate Intelligence report on Russian meddling sounds alarm for 2020

Martin Matishak of Politico – The Senate Intelligence Committee has outlined the dire need for the U.S. to better defend elections against attacks, such as the massive campaign Russia carried out to disrupt the 2016 vote. The Committee detailed the … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Democratic Party Warns Public to Remain Vigilant Online After Republicans Created Fake NH Dems Twitter Account

Contact: Holly Shulman, NH Dems, (603) 715-4321 The New Hampshire Democratic Party warned the public to stay vigilant about the information they see online, following Republicans creation of a Twitter account that was meant to deceive voters into believing it was … Continue reading

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