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David Murrin – My book Breaking the Code of History published in 2009, highlighted that America was the last empire in a long series comprising what I called the Super Western Christian Empire, dating back to the 1400s, starting with … Continue reading

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The New Wuhan Reality-1: Government Strategies

David Murrin – I fear that historians will look back on 2020 and mark the time before the Wuhan pandemic and the time afterward as a watershed in global human affairs. This a humanitarian, national, economic and financial crisis all … Continue reading

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Oil Wars, Devaluations, Revolutions and Shooting Wars

David Murrin in Murrinations – The sun is setting on the oil sector as we know it. Yesterday oil hit our $27 target after what the press has described as an oil war between Russia and Saudi Arabia. I described … Continue reading

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Houston, we have a Problem

David Murrin of Global Forecaster – The adage that empires pull themselves apart from the inside before they succumb to external rising powers, is born out repeatedly across history. Today it is the American Empire  that is well into its … Continue reading

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Russian Warning Signals

David Murrin of Global Forecaster – Russia: The need for Rapprochement with the West highlighted the critical and vulnerable economic phase Russia is now entering and the importance with which any sign of aggression should be considered as a warning sign … Continue reading

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