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A video workshop moderated by David Morey. Panelists include Jackie Calmes, Editor, Washington Bureau, the Los Angeles Times, Al Hunt, award-winning journalist, and Fred Yang, Partner, Hart Research Group. DAVID MOREY, Chairman and CEO of DMG Global and Vice Chairman … Continue reading

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Democratic Party Leaders Are Mostly Sitting Out the Presidential Endorsement Race So Far. That’s What Republican Leaders Did in 2016.

Democratic Party leaders are endorsing presidential candidates just as slowly as Republicans did in 2016 Geoffrey Skelley of FiveThirtyEight – Note from Ken Feltman: Democratic leaders and elected officials are following an endorsement practice in 2020 that is similar to … Continue reading

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The Debate: Joe Biden was brilliantly and gloriously adequate

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post – Joe Biden was good enough. And that, in itself, was a victory. His fellow Democrats began attacking him in the very first minute of Wednesday night’s debate, and they didn’t stop. They attacked … Continue reading

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“Eric Swalwell asked Joe Biden to pass the torch. Kamala Harris just took it.”

Harris is the name on everyone’s lips after part two of the season’s inaugural Democratic debate. “Harris had a moment — that was two hours long,” Van Jones said on CNN after the debate. CNN’s Chris Cillizza said Harris gave … Continue reading

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A generation of GOP stars stands diminished: ‘Everything Trump touches dies’

Republicans who backed Trump risk being mowed down in the wreckage of his campaign. By Philip Rucker of the Washington Post Trump’s turbulent campaign, on display here at Sunday night’s second presidential debate with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, has damaged … Continue reading

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