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Many Across the Globe Are Dissatisfied With How Democracy Is Working

Discontent is tied to concerns about the economy, individual rights and out-of-touch elites Richard Wike, Laura Silver and Alexandra Castillo of Pew Research – Anger at political elites, economic dissatisfaction and anxiety about rapid social changes have fueled political upheaval … Continue reading

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On Russiagate and Our Refusal to Face Why Trump Won

By Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone – Faulty coverage of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign later made foreign espionage a more plausible explanation for his ascent to power. Continue reading…

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Indian elections nearing amid frustration with politics, concerns about misinformation

By Kat Devlin and Courtney Johnson of the Pew Research – As many as 900 million people are expected to vote in India’s national elections in April and May. The elections come amid a recent increase in tensions between India … Continue reading

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Democracy in Retreat

From Freedom in the World – Challenges to American democracy are testing the stability of its constitutional system and threatening to undermine political rights and civil liberties worldwide. In 2018, Freedom in the World recorded the 13th consecutive year of … Continue reading

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When To Trust A Story That Uses Unnamed Sources

By Perry Bacon Jr. of FiveThirtyEight – The various investigations into the Trump administration and its alleged ties to Russia are hard to follow. The allegations are sometimes muddled, the probes are still ongoing, and all sides in the dispute … Continue reading

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