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Tucker Carlson: The Real Reason Mobs Across The Country Are Tearing Down American Monuments

 Tim Hains in Real Clear Politics – During his opening monologue Monday, Tucker Carlson said Americans should stop pretending the November election is a contest between Donald Trump and Joe Biden because, as he put it, “there is no Joe … Continue reading

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In her DACA dissent, Sonia Sotomayor shows she’s ‘a voice of one’ on systemic racism

The Boston Globe – A liberal who is the first and only Hispanic justice, Sotomayor has emerged from the most conservative Supreme Court in decades as a sharp, steady, and often lonely critic of administration policies she sees as clearly … Continue reading

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Most Don’t Agree With Democrats OR Republicans in Congress

Rasmussen Reports – Voters continue to see Democrats in Congress as more liberal than they are and congressional Republicans as more conservative. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 48% of Likely U.S. Voters think the … Continue reading

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How the ‘Trump Effect’ Could Lift Democratic Senate Candidates

Giovanni Russonello of the New YorkTimes – The GOP has tightened its ranks; its reliable voters, hovering at around 40 percent of the electorate, tend to approve of almost anything President Trump does. Yet throughout his term, from the 2017 battles … Continue reading

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Why Anger At Trump May Not Help Democrats Win

Matt Grossmann of Michigan State University in FiveThirtyEight – One dominating response to Donald Trump’s presidency has been anger. Trump has stoked outrage among his supporters, who have echoed his rhetoric and fury, and his detractors, who have launched anti-Trump … Continue reading

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