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The Distinct Political Paths of Barack Obama and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

 Benjamin Wallace-Wells of The New Yorker – There isn’t an obvious place for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the current Democratic effort, which is trying to persuade voters that an expansive agenda is common sense. Continue…

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The GOP Is the Party of Civil War

In Georgia’s Senate runoffs, the central issue is right-wing insurrection. William Saletan of Slate – As President Donald Trump headed to Georgia for a campaign rally on Saturday, a menace was spreading across the country: a right-wing insurrection, led by … Continue reading

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After Trump, will the presidency recede a bit for Americans?

Ted Anthony, director of digital innovation for The Associated Press – Calvin Coolidge, known by some as “Silent Cal” during his time in the White House, used his autobiography to live up to his nickname. “The words of a president,” … Continue reading

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Infighting and an attempted ‘coup’: Trump team in chaos as Giuliani leads legal fight

ABC News – As President Donald Trump’s legal efforts challenging the election results continue to hit dead ends, his campaign and legal teams have descended into chaos behind the scenes as many brace for the end of the post-election fight, multiple sources tell … Continue reading

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Joe Biden Just Squeaked a Win in Erie, Pa., in a Warning for Democrats

Kris Maher and Aaron Zitner in Microsoft News – President-elect Joe Biden successfully turned out voters in Erie County. But a look at his razor-thin margin of victory shows why Democrats struggled across the country to win back the white working-class … Continue reading

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