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How Amy Klobuchar Could Win The 2020 Democratic Nomination

By Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight – Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar announced her candidacy for president at a rally in Minneapolis on Sunday, February 10, becoming the fifth Democratic senator1 to launch a campaign. In contrast to some of the big … Continue reading

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Can A ‘Moderate’ Win The 2020 Democratic Primary?

By Perry Bacon Jr. of FiveThirtyEight – If you follow politics through cable news, or via Twitter, you might get the impression that the Democratic Party is dominated by voters who are almost exclusively coastal, liberal, secular, well-educated and relatively … Continue reading

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What do Democrats Want in a President?

by Stuart Rothenberg of Inside Elections – Democrats have a hoard of hopefuls aiming for their party’s 2020 nomination, so what qualities and characteristics are Democratic primary voters and caucus attendees likely to value? Electability is certainly a factor, but … Continue reading

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America’s Electoral Map Is Changing

By Rachael Dottle and Galen Druke of FiveThirtyEight – Today’s political landscape is often dismissed as a partisan deadlock in which the vast majority of voters have already made up their minds and will only dig their feet in further … Continue reading

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Biden closes in on 2020 decision

By Burgess Everett and Heather Caygle of Politico –  Joe Biden is working one of his most important constituencies as he closes in on a decision about running for president: Capitol Hill Democrats. Continue reading…

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