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Trump Is Popular Only In Rural Areas

By Nathaniel Rakich and Dhrumil Mehta of FiveThirtyEight The 2018 midterm election confirmed America’s urban-rural divide; Democrats excelled in cities, Republicans dominated in the country and the suburbs were the tiebreaker that handed Democrats the House. Will the 2020 election … Continue reading

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Wall Street Still Hedges, But Donations Decidedly Swing to Democrats

From People’s Pundit Daily While the securities and finance industry still hedges, Wall Street campaign contributions have shifted significantly over the last two cycles. In 2018, the industry donated more to Democrats than Republicans for the first time in a … Continue reading

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2018 midterms: A blue wave or merely an electoral adjustment into a new presidency?

By B.J. Rudell in The Hill Experts can argue over whether President Trump galvanized Democrats more than Republicans. They can ponder whether Democrats’ dramatically improved financial position helped their cause. It’s all moot to the central question: Were the 2018 … Continue reading

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Democrats are in disarray. Does that spell trouble for them in 2020?

By Liz Peek of Fox News New York Senator Chuck Schumer tweeted last week: “We have tremendous unity in our caucus. That unity has been our strength, and it will continue to be as strong as ever in the 116th … Continue reading

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Mississippi senate election runoff: Mike Espy hoping for a Doug Jones-style upset over Cindy Hyde-Smith

By Howell Raines, Former executive editor, The New York Times A Mike Espy win would prove that the anti-Trump tide that cost the GOP the House is now lifting Democratic boats in states even more conservative than Alabama. Joe Trippi, … Continue reading

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