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The most common age among whites in U.S. is 58 – more than double that of racial and ethnic minorities

Katherine Schaeffer of the Pew research Center – There were more 27-year-olds in the United States than people of any other age in 2018. But for white Americans, the most common age was 58, according to a Pew Research Center … Continue reading

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‘Normal America’ Is Not A Small Town Of White People

Jed Kolko in FiveThirtyEight – It’s a familiar accusation. But that sense that the “normal America” is out there – somewhere in a hamlet where they can’t pronounce “Acela” – is misplaced. In fact, it’s not in a small town … Continue reading

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Pew Research Center: 18 striking findings from 2018

By Abigail Geiger of the Pew Research Center – Pew Research Center takes the pulse of Americans and people around the world on a host of issues every year. We explore public opinion on topics ranging from foreign policy to … Continue reading

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What More Than 40 Years Of Early Primary Polls Tell Us About 2020

By Geoffrey Skelley of FiveThirtyEight – How much can we learn from early primary polls? Back in 2011, FiveThirtyEight Editor-in-chief Nate Silver set out to answer this question and found that early national polling is at least somewhat predictive of … Continue reading

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Black man becomes head of neo-Nazi group he intends to destroy

By Jason Kravarik, Sara Sidner and Janet DiGiacomo of CNN – Call it a clever twist of fate, a shrewd power play, or simply comeuppance for one of the largest neo-Nazi groups in America. Its new president is a black man … Continue reading

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