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Younger Americans are better than older Americans at telling factual news statements from opinions

By Jeffrey Gottfried and Elizabeth Grieco of Pew Research While some say wisdom comes with age, younger Americans are better than their elders at separating factual from opinion statements in the news, according to a new analysis from Pew Research … Continue reading

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Most Americans view openness to foreigners as ‘essential to who we are as a nation’

By Hannah Hartig of Pew Research For a large majority of Americans, the country’s openness to people from around the world “is essential to who we are as a nation.” In a new Pew Research Center survey, 68% say America’s … Continue reading

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Young Voters Might Actually Show Up At The Polls This Year

By Geoffrey Skelley of FiveThirtyEight The question on many Democrats’ minds is: Will young people turn out to vote in 2018? Recent survey data has liberals worried. In particular, a recent Gallup poll found that only 26 percent of American … Continue reading

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How millennials could kill politics as we know it – if they care to

By Hunter Schwarz, CNN’s COVER/LINE Millennials could be one of the biggest political forces in America today, if they wanted. Defined by Pew as those born between 1981 to 1996, millennials make up about 22% of the US population, and … Continue reading

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5 facts about U.S. suburbs

By Ruth Igielnik and Anna Brown of Pew Research Politically, the suburbs are evenly divided overall, but some have a clear Democratic or Republican tilt. Poverty has increased more sharply in the suburbs than in urban or rural counties. Although … Continue reading

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