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Is Trump luring GOP senators on impeachment with cold cash?

Alex Isenstadt of Politico – The president is tapping his vast donor network to buck up lawmakers whose support he badly needs — but who also need him. Continue…

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The impeachable offense Trump may have committed — but Democrats aren’t really talking about

Aaron Blake in the Washington Post – Donald Trump is likely to become the third president in United States history to be impeached. What exactly will be in the articles of impeachment? We don’t know. All we do know is … Continue reading

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What’s really at stake when the House votes on the rules of impeachment?

Steven D’Souza of CBC News – On the surface, it’s a procedural step that signals the next phase in the impeachment inquiry. But the vote formalizing the rules for investigating U.S. President Donald Trump is also a politically fraught step … Continue reading

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Do we now know exactly how Donald Trump is going to try to get reelected?

Chris Cillizza of CNN – During Game 7 of the World Series on Wednesday night, President Donald Trump’s campaign launched a seven-figure national ad buy — a 30-second commercial touting his first-term accomplishments on terrorism, the economy and immigration. But … Continue reading

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Trump primary challengers may be excluded from Minnesota ballot

Rachel Frazin of The Hill – President Trump’s Republican presidential challengers may be excluded from Minnesota’s primary ballot. Trump’s name was the only one listed on the Republican Party of Minnesota’s letter to the Minnesota Secretary of State’s Office outlining its “determination … Continue reading

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