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In America, talk turns to something unspoken for 150 years: Civil war

By Greg Jaffe and Jenna Johnson of the Washington Post – At a moment when the country has never seemed angrier, two political commentators from opposite sides of the divide concurred last week on one point, nearly unthinkable until recently: … Continue reading

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The deadly dance of the Eagle and the Dragon, Part 2: America and its three false dawns

By David Murrin, author of Breaking the Code of History – Since 2001 and 9/11, America’s three presidents have all contributed to America’s decline in their own inimitable ways. In this America has conformed to the characteristics of this phase … Continue reading

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The 2020 Electoral College: Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball

Kyle Kondik, Managing Editor, Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball – Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics is one of the most followed election analysts. Here is his first look at the 2020 presidential election: With an approval … Continue reading

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Matthew Whitaker’s testimony about Trump trying to influence the Cohen inquiry was cagey. Now we might know why.

By Aaron Blake writing for The Fix in the Washington Post – President Trump has denied a New York Times report that he asked then-Acting Attorney General Matthew G. Whitaker to appoint an ally in the Southern District of New York to run the investigation of Michael Cohen, Trump’s … Continue reading

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Sen. Chris Coons: Trump’s Syria Withdrawal “Has Really Unsettled Our Core Allies”

Video Posted By Tim Hains on Real Clear Politics – See video here…

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