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5 charts showing the jobs of a post-pandemic future – and the skills you need to get them

Kate Whiting of World Economic Forum – By 2025, 97 million new roles may emerge that are more adapted to the new division of labour between humans, machines and algorithms. Roles already growing in demand include data analysts and scientists, … Continue reading

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A newly restrained Trump faces the same old problems

James Oliphant of Reuters – President Donald Trump turned in the restrained and consistent performance his advisers said he needed in his final debate with Democratic challenger Joe Biden, but it was unlikely to alter the U.S. presidential race in … Continue reading

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Companies Announce Tens of Thousands of Layoffs

InfoWars – Government lockdowns causing long-term economic damage Tens of thousands of people will get pink slips in the coming weeks as the long-term economic damage caused by government lockdowns in response to the coronavirus pandemic begin to ripple through … Continue reading

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Why recession is a setback for women in the workforce

The Week – Women have been bearing the brunt of the pandemic’s economic impact, said Shelly Banjo at Bloomberg Businessweek. Forget the smiling photos on social media of “moms baking bread and crafting with their kids between Zoom meetings.” The reality … Continue reading

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Federal Reserve Chairman shook Washington, Wall Street and the world this past week when he warned the pandemic crisis threatens “lasting damage” to American prosperity.

Scott Pelley of 60 Minutes – The head of the U.S. central banking system tells Scott Pelley how high he thinks unemployment will go, what tools the Fed still has to breathe life into the economy and what outcomes he’s … Continue reading

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