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Are Americans Shifting The Rest Of Their Identity To Match Their Politics?

By Perry Bacon Jr. of FiveThirtyEight We generally think of a person’s race or religion as being fixed — and that those parts of identity (being black, say, or evangelical Christian) drive political views. Most African-Americans vote Democratic. Most evangelical Christians … Continue reading

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The odds are about 3 in 4 that the Democrats take back the House next month

FiveThirtyEight’s latest analysis shows Democrats taking control of the House of Representatives on November 6. And if you want more, get your political fix from these FiveThirtyEight predictions and analyses: Is Kavanaugh Helping Republicans’ Midterm Chances? by Nate Silver Democrats … Continue reading

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No surprise: Democrats have edge in 2018 midterm voting preferences

From the Pew Research Center Voter enthusiasm is at a record high in the national midterm voting environment. With less than 50 days until the 2018 congressional elections, Democrats hold a 10-percentage-point advantage over Republicans on the generic ballot among … Continue reading

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FiveThirtyEight Forecast: 2 in 3 Chances Republicans keep control of the Senate

See the analysis and charts supporting this forecast…

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New FiveThirtyEight Forecast: 5 out of 6 likelihood Democrats take control of the House

See the analysis and the charts supporting this forecast…

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