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Indian elections nearing amid frustration with politics, concerns about misinformation

By Kat Devlin and Courtney Johnson of the Pew Research – As many as 900 million people are expected to vote in India’s national elections in April and May. The elections come amid a recent increase in tensions between India … Continue reading

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The Fight About the Electoral College Is About More Than the Electoral College

from Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report – There’s nothing new about calls to replace the Electoral College with a national popular vote. Until recently, partisans on both sides supported a constitutional amendment to do such a thing. Frustration … Continue reading

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The Electoral College, Congress and representation

from the Pew Research Center – A majority (55%) of Americans say the Constitution should be amended so that the candidate who wins the most votes in the presidential election would win, while 41% say the current system should be … Continue reading

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The Movement To Skip The Electoral College Just Passed A Major Milestone

With Colorado expected to join, the National Popular Vote compact is about to snag its first purple state. By Nathaniel Rakich of FiveThirtyEight – When Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016, it was the fourth time in American history — and the … Continue reading

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From despair to hope: Returning to Grant Park

by Ken Feltman – Society mends its wounds. And that’s invariably true in all the tragedies, in the comedies as well. And certainly in the histories. – Charlton Heston    In Grant Park in late August of 1968, frightened police and … Continue reading

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