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Winners and losers from Yesterday’s elections

By Amber Phillips of the Washington Post Tuesday was a night of extremes. In primaries and special elections in five states — Ohio, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Washington — socialist-leaning Democrats challenged their party’s establishment, with mixed results, while President … Continue reading

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What If Trump Is Trying to Throw the 2018 Elections?

President Trump could blame a Democratic House and Senate for everything By Walter Shapiro of Roll Call Other presidents have been defined by their quest for accomplishments. But Trump (who has already bested Lincoln’s greatness in his own mind) is … Continue reading

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There Is a Revolution on the Left. Democrats Are Bracing.

By Alexander Burns of the New York Times These voters may not represent a controlling faction in the Democratic Party, at least not yet. But they are increasingly rattling primary elections around the country, and they promise to grow as … Continue reading

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The Electoral College Blind Spot

By Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 came despite the fact that he lost the popular vote by 2.1 percentage points, making for the widest discrepancy between the popular vote and the Electoral College since 1876. So … Continue reading

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Six Big Takeaways from Mueller’s Indictment of Russian Intel Officers

by Andy Wright, Alex Whiting, Ryan Goodman and Kate Brannen of Just Security Here are two of the six: 5. Mueller Investigation Vitality: Notwithstanding the laments and wishful thinking from people like Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) and Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s … Continue reading

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