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Is Banning Plastic Bags the Solution to Our Plastic Problem?

Sara Goddard in Green That Life – Over 60 countries, including China, have instituted some type of plastic bag legislation. Continue…

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Taking Action … What’s the Point if You Can’t Save the World?

Sara Goddard of Green That Life – Despair. That’s the underlying vibe I get these days from the environmental community. I understand. Taking action to protect the environment is an endless struggle for seemingly little gain. Even worse, it seems … Continue reading

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The toxic bubble of technical debt threatening America

Alexis C. Madrigal of the Atlantic – In Northern California, the fires have come again, sending hundreds of thousands fleeing. The Pacific Gas and Electric Company, better known as PG&E, has a well-documented history of neglecting the maintenance of its … Continue reading

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Where Does Your Recycling Go? Why It Matters to You!

Sara Goddard of Green That Life – So you’ve just diligently tossed your plastic soda bottle in the recycling bin. Do you know where it ends up? Where does your recycling go? Our lack of understanding about the entire process … Continue reading

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Environmentalists removed more than 40 tons of trash from the Pacific — and it barely made a dent

Michelle Lou of CNN – Forty tons may seem like a lot — it’s equivalent in weight to about 24 cars, or 6.5 fully grown elephants. But the 25-day expedition probably barely made a dent. It’s estimated that 1.15 to … Continue reading

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