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Just What Is The Beige Book? Why Should You Care?

You’ve probably heard about The Beige Book. If you have never seen it, here’s your chance. From the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System – This report was prepared at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas based on … Continue reading

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Fed’s counterfeiting experts fight flow of fake money

Allison Chase of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston – Boston Fed uses everything from specialized machines to “an extra sense” to root out phony bills. Think you could tell the difference between a real U.S. note and a counterfeit … Continue reading

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Which Leading Indicators Have Done Better at Signaling Past Recessions?

David Kelley of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago – Indexes that combine several macroeconomic measures have historically done better than other indicators at signaling recessions up to one year in advance. The results of this article show that at … Continue reading

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The Fed Just Printed More Money Than Bitcoin’s Entire Market Cap

Anyone worried about federal spending? Maybe we all should be. More money in circulation may be good for President Trump’s re-election campaign – but may not be so good for regular citizens who have their money in savings accounts. – … Continue reading

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Fed loses control of its own interest rate as it cut rates — ‘This just doesn’t look good’

Patti Domm of CNBC – As the Fed was meeting to consider cutting interest rates, it lost control of the very benchmark rate that it manages. It’s been a rough week in the overnight funding market, where interest rates temporarily … Continue reading

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