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Climate change: Uncertainty no excuse for inaction

Douglas Clement of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis – Forecasts are highly uncertain, and that argues for quicker, more aggressive policy intervention. Why? Because unfettered markets are woefully inadequate when it comes to externalities such as those induced by … Continue reading

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Human capital, demographics, economic growth, and immigrants

By Jay Weiner of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis  Senior Vice President and Research Director of the Minneapolis Fed Mark Wright eloquently summed up data, dialogue, and differences: “What’s clear to me is that, in the same way that … Continue reading

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An Oglala Sioux Veteran’s Journey to Homeownership: Intelligence, Leadership and Honor

By Fred Fisher of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis November is National Native American Heritage Month and time to salute our Native Veterans. American Indian contributions to the U.S. military are exceptionally inspiring: The Navajo Code Talkers and the … Continue reading

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Can FinTech Close the Gap Between ‘Unbanked’ Populations and Financial Services?

By Jay Lindsay of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston The Federal Reserve’s finding that nearly half of U.S. adults can’t cover a $400 emergency expense without borrowing money is a sobering statistic, and it speaks to the economic insecurity … Continue reading

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Federal Reserve Payments Study finds U.S. payments fraud a small but growing fraction of overall payments

From the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System The value of fraudulent noncash payments in the United States rose significantly between 2012 and 2015–outpacing growth in noncash payments overall, according to a new report based on Federal Reserve … Continue reading

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