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Banking At Your Fingertips: The Rise And Rise Of Mobile Payments Technology

Khalid Elgibali of Mastercard in Entrepreneur – The rise of mobile technology and digital infrastructure has altered our traditional ways of doing commerce, with payments and banking being at the forefront of this digital disruption. Continue…

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Artificial Intelligence Is Superseding Well-Paying Wall Street Jobs

Jack Kelly of Forbes – We’ve been told that there is nothing to worry about with artificial intelligence (AI), robots and technology. New technologies will only replace mundane, repetitive jobs and free up workers to do more meaningful work, claims the media and top … Continue reading

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The Fed Just Printed More Money Than Bitcoin’s Entire Market Cap

Anyone worried about federal spending? Maybe we all should be. More money in circulation may be good for President Trump’s re-election campaign – but may not be so good for regular citizens who have their money in savings accounts. – … Continue reading

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Fed loses control of its own interest rate as it cut rates — ‘This just doesn’t look good’

Patti Domm of CNBC – As the Fed was meeting to consider cutting interest rates, it lost control of the very benchmark rate that it manages. It’s been a rough week in the overnight funding market, where interest rates temporarily … Continue reading

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Fed gets more divided as three members vote against rate cut

Patti Domm of CNBC – The Fed has become increasingly divided with three officials voting against the Fed’s quarter point cut to the fed funds target rate range. It was the first time in three years that three voting members … Continue reading

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