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The 7 Ways Impeachment Could Shape The 2020 Election

Clare Malone of FiveThirtyEight – It’s November. The 2020 election is a year away, and the Congressional Democrats are taking the impeachment inquiry into its next, very public phase. Given that there are three months until the Iowa caucuses and … Continue reading

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Polls just had one of their best election cycles, ever — but challenges abound in the industry

Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight – Much maligned for their performance in the 2016 general election — and somewhat unfairly so, since the overall accuracy of the polls was only slightly below average that year by historical standards — American election … Continue reading

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Who Democrats In Early-Primary States Don’t Want To See Nominated

Seth Masket and Dave Peterson in FiveThirtyEight – Sen. Bernie Sanders (left) and former Vice President Joe Biden are among the race’s top candidates, but a number of early-state Democrats would hate to see them nominated. One of the most … Continue reading

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There Are Plenty Of Anti-Trump Republicans — You Just Have To Know Where To Look

Perry Bacon Jr. of FiveThirtyEight – Looking at Trump’s standing only among people currently inside powerful Republican-controlled spaces — the party itself, Fox News, the White House, etc. — presents an incomplete picture and understates opposition to Trump among Republican … Continue reading

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The World Isn’t Ready For Climate Refugees

Maggie Koerth-Baker of FiveThirtyEight – You can batten the hatches against a storm, but bureaucracy is harder to ride out. Recently, one of the strongest Atlantic hurricanes on record made a direct hit on the northern Bahamas and stalled there, … Continue reading

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