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Hunger Pandemic: The COVID-19 Effect on Global Food Insecurity

 Anupa (Iman) Ghosh of Visual Capitalist – While COVID-19 is dominating headlines, another kind of emergency is threatening the lives of millions of people around the world—food insecurity. The two are very much intertwined, however. By the end of 2020, … Continue reading

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Pandemic Advertising Got Weird Fast

Welcome to Disastertising Amanda Mull of The Atlantic – A few weeks ago, as millions of Americans settled into home confinement in a desperate effort to stymie an era-defining pandemic, Little Caesars invited them to step up to its Pizza … Continue reading

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The frantic search for medical supplies has states begging for answers

Gregory Krieg, Donald Judd, Jeremy Herb, Daniella Diaz, Ali Zaslav, Marina Carver and Elizabeth Stuart of CNN – The absence of coherent guidelines from the White House has created a battle among states and hospitals, which have been hooked into … Continue reading

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Grocery rules for your coronavirus lockdown: Buy beans, freeze milk, don't hoard, and more

Lisa Drayer of CNN – Whether you’re housebound for the next couple of weeks from a COVID-19 quarantine, or simply trying to survive a school or work shutdown, you’ll likely be limiting or avoiding trips to the grocery store. So you … Continue reading

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A New Life For Leftovers? 50+ Startups Preventing Food Waste

Research Briefs from CB Insights – As much as 40% of food in the US ends up in landfills. Every year, Americans throw away as much as 290 pounds of food per person — about 20% of all food purchased … Continue reading

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