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Reagan Conservatism’s Summer of Sorrow

(Note from Ken Feltman: And now strike three.) By Matt Lewis of the Daily Beast, published August 28, 2018 First Charles Krauthammer goes, and now we lose John McCain. A strain of conservatism that was honorable and decent is dying, … Continue reading

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George H. W. Bush Modeled the Kinder, Gentler and More Colorful GOP That Could Have Been

By Keli Goff of the Daily Beast The 41st president’s own family gave him reason to work toward a more inclusive and diverse Republican Party. When Bill de Blasio featured his mixed race family in political ads during his run … Continue reading

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The Republican Party Has Changed Dramatically Since George H. W. Bush Ran It

By Perry Bacon Jr. of FiveThirtyEight George H. W. Bush was a hugely influential figure in the Republican Party: chairman of the Republican National Committee, vice president, president and father of another GOP president. But the GOP has changed dramatically … Continue reading

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The Patrician President and the Reporterette: a Screwball Story

By Maureen Dowd of the New York Times Nobody understood our relationship — least of all us. It was, admittedly, odd. “I like you,” the first President Bush wrote me once, after he was out of office. “Please don’t tell … Continue reading

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