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Beavers are gnawing away at the Arctic permafrost, and that’s bad for the planet

Katie Hunt of CNN – The beaver may be an unlikely agent of climate change, but the cuddly-looking creatures are transforming the Arctic landscape in a way that could be exacerbating global warming, a new study has suggested. Continue…

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Warming oceans are causing marine life to shift toward the poles

  Gege Li of New Science – Climate change is dramatically changing the abundance of marine life around the world. As oceans warm, populations of species that can adapt to elevated local temperatures have increased nearer to the poles, while … Continue reading

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Lessons From Noah and his Ark

David Murrin of Murrinations – Note from Ken Feltman: David Murrin is a friend who seems never to be wrong in the long run, whether he is predicting an upcoming election or, in his words, “an inevitable flood coming in … Continue reading

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Democratic Party Leaders Are Mostly Sitting Out the Presidential Endorsement Race So Far. That’s What Republican Leaders Did in 2016.

Democratic Party leaders are endorsing presidential candidates just as slowly as Republicans did in 2016 Geoffrey Skelley of FiveThirtyEight – Note from Ken Feltman: Democratic leaders and elected officials are following an endorsement practice in 2020 that is similar to … Continue reading

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Climate crisis pushing Earth to a ‘global tipping point,’ researchers say

Helen Regan of CNN – The Earth is heading toward a “global tipping point” if the climate crisis continues on its current path, scientists have warned, as they called for urgent action to avoid “an existential threat to civilization.” Such … Continue reading

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