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We asked 12 mass killers: ‘What would have stopped you?’

By Alex Hannaford in British GQ Paul Devoe, 54, awaits execution at the Allan B. Polunsky Unit in Texas, having shot dead six people in 2007. He believes the murders would not have happened if he hadn’t had a gun. … Continue reading

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GOP senator blocks bill that would ban release of 3D gun blueprints

By Jordain Carney of The Hill Republican Sen. Mike Lee (Utah) objected. He noted that while he had just seen the bill for the first time, he had concerns that it would infringe on the First Amendment. “Any legislation that … Continue reading

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Poll: Democratic Candidates Should Be Bolder on Gun Control

By Nathan Gonzales of Roll Call Gun control has been a third rail of Democratic campaigns, but a new poll suggests that Democratic candidates should embrace a bolder approach to restrictions on guns, even in general elections. I’m normally reluctant … Continue reading

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Trump aides urged to get a gun

By Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner Facing a new wave of potentially dangerous threats, called for by a top Democratic lawmaker, legal and gun experts are calling on top Trump aides to get their concealed carry permit and back … Continue reading

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The NRA broke a fundraising record after Parkland. Will that sway elections?

Skyler Swisher and Aric Chokey of the South Florida Sun Sentinel As students marched for gun control after the Parkland shootings, members of the National Rifle Association reached for their checkbooks. The NRA’s Political Victory Fund recorded its highest monthly … Continue reading

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