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Mad Magazine will vanish from newsstands after 67 years

Robert McLean and Michelle Lou of CNN – Once a cultural touchstone, Mad Magazine is halting the publication of new content and vanishing from newsstands. Continue…

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A Statement from the University of Pennsylvania Regarding the College Admissions Bribery Scandal

Biting satire by Jessica M. Goldstein in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency – When we learned that at least 50 people participated in a massive college admissions scam, deploying fraudulent means to get their children into our nation’s elite universities, we were … Continue reading

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23 People Who Are Changing What’s Funny Right Now

From the staff of Time Magazine – A new class of writers, performers and creators is redefining comedy—rejecting tired tropes and carving out space for fresh perspectives. From millennial social-media stars who’ve brought their internet fluency into traditional television writing … Continue reading

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