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Researchers try to recreate human-like thinking in machines

Ingrid Fadelli of Tech Xplore – Researchers at Oxford University have recently tried to recreate human thinking patterns in machines, using a language guided imagination (LGI) network. Their method, outlined in a paper pre-published on arXiv, could inform the development … Continue reading

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Many people around the world doubt their country is prepared for major cyber attacks

By Jacob Poushter and Janell Fetterolf of the Pew Research Center – As the pace and magnitude of cyber attacks have increased around the world, a new survey shows that people in multiple countries think it is likely that government … Continue reading

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The 20 Internet Giants That Rule the Web

By Nick Routley of Visual Capitalist – With each passing year, an increasingly large segment of the population no longer remembers images loading a single pixel row at a time, the earsplitting sound of a 56k modem, or the domination … Continue reading

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the factories of the future

By Helena Leurent, Head of Future of Production, Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum, Enno De Boer, Partner, McKinsey & Company and Diego Hernandez Diaz, Engagement manager, McKinsey & Company After a decade of flat productivity, the arrival … Continue reading

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China Has Built a Road So Smart It Will Be Able to Charge Your Car

Bloomberg News: The road to China’s autonomous-driving future is paved with solar panels, mapping sensors and electric-battery rechargers as the nation tests an “intelligent highway” that could speed the transformation of the global transportation industry. Read more…

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