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Are your tinned tomatoes picked by slave labour?

Tobias Jones and Ayo Awokoya in The Guardian – In the Italian south, the lives of foreign agricultural labourers are so cheap that many NGOs have described their conditions as a modern form of slavery. They live in isolated rural … Continue reading

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Italy emerges as ground zero for European extremist populism

From Colleen Barry of AP – Italy’s populist interior minister is uniting Europe’s right-wing parties under an anti-migrant, anti-Islam, anti-bureaucracy banner. Continue reading…

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Sub-Saharan African Immigrants in the U.S. Are Often More Educated Than Those in Top European Destinations

Sub-Saharan immigrants in the United States are also more highly educated than U.S. native-born population By Monica Anderson and Phillip Connor of the Pew Research Center As the annual number of migrants from sub-Saharan Africa to both the United States … Continue reading

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