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Are Democrats coming around to Joe Biden? Here's what Chris Cillizza says: This Democratic electorate is perfect for Joe Biden

Chris Cillizza of CNN – There are two data points in CNN’s new 2020 poll that have to make former Vice President Joe Biden and his presidential campaign feel very, very good. Almost 6 in 10 Democrats (57%) said they wanted the … Continue reading

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Stop saying Biden is the 'most electable.' Trump will run rings round him.

Nathan Robinson of The Guardian – Nothing you can say about the former vice-president’s record, platform or mental state matters next to the argument that he is the best hope Democrats have of getting Trump out of office. There’s just … Continue reading

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Why Biden's endorsement edge matters

Harry Enten of CNN – The endorsements keep on coming for former Vice President Joe Biden. A few days ago, California Rep. Tony Cárdenas backed Biden’s bid to be the Democratic nominee for president. It was Biden’s 32nd endorsement from … Continue reading

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The 2010s Were A Complicated Decade For Democrats And White Voters

 Clare Malone of FiveThirtyEight – Former Vice President Joe Biden is trying to use an electability argument to pick up where President Obama left off among Democrats. There’s an aphorism I like, that we are entirely new people from one … Continue reading

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Natasha Korecki's Monday article about Joe Biden prompted questions about what Ken Feltman thinks of Biden. Here's the answer from a 2015 article

The Joe Biden I Know (September 11, 2015) by Ken Feltman – Here’s a link to Natasha Korecki’s Politico article: Off mic scenes from Joe Biden’s wild road trip through Iowa (December 23, 2019) by Natasha Korecki of Politico –

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