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What is the most “clicked-on” Radnor Report ever?

More than 40,000 people have clicked on the link to “The Joe Biden I Know” – published in September 2015 and written by Ken Feltman. That is not quite twice as many clicks or views as any other Radnor Report. … Continue reading

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Joe Biden’s Faith in America

 Benjamin Wallace-Wells in The New Yorker – Joe Biden emphasized the country’s character in his first speech as President-elect. Continue…

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More than 100 House Republicans signed the court filing in support of a Texas-led election lawsuit

NOMAAN MERCHANT and ALANNA DURKIN RICHER of the Associated Press in the Boston Globe – The Texas lawsuit asking the US Supreme Court to invalidate President-elect Joe Biden’s victory has quickly become a conservative litmus test, as 106 members of Congress and … Continue reading

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The rotting of the Republican mind

David Brooks in the Palm Beach Post – In a recent Monmouth University survey, 77% of Donald Trump’s backers said Joe Biden had won the presidential election because of fraud. Many of these same people think climate change is not … Continue reading

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The big lie from Donald Trump

Steve Israel of The Hill – In a few weeks, Joe Biden will be sworn in as president and it will be the end of the time that Donald Trump has in office. It is also likely to be the … Continue reading

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