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Reagan Conservatism’s Summer of Sorrow

(Note from Ken Feltman: And now strike three.) By Matt Lewis of the Daily Beast, published August 28, 2018 First Charles Krauthammer goes, and now we lose John McCain. A strain of conservatism that was honorable and decent is dying, … Continue reading

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John McCain’s Last Fight

By Michael Hirsh in Politico Magazine The Arizona senator’s twilight struggle with Donald Trump is so bitter because they’re more alike than you think. Read more…

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John McCain Battles Donald Trump With His Dying Breaths

By Frank Bruni of the New York Times Senator Lindsey Graham once described his friend John McCain as someone who would “run across the street to get in a good fight.” McCain’s final battle came straight to him. I’m not … Continue reading

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Let us hope John McCain’s vision of America long outlasts him

By Anne Applebaum (@AnneApplebaum) of the Washington Post, with thanks to Mike Murphy (@MurphyMike) “I have been amusing myself latterly with reading the voluminous letters of Cicero. They certainly breathe the present effusions of an exalted patriot, while the parricide … Continue reading

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Gripe session? As Trump lunches with Senate Republicans, here are their gripes with him

By Amber Phillips of the Washington Post President Trump and Senate Republicans have a … complicated relationship that often changes by the day (or sometimes by the tweet). But as Trump comes to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to meet with … Continue reading

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