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Of smoots and gaffes

by Ken Feltman But smoots aren’t just any kind of graffiti. They’re smoots! (Massachusetts Metropolitan District Commission, the government body in charge of the Harvard Bridge)  In October of 1958, Oliver Reed Smoot was an MIT freshman and a pledge of … Continue reading

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Mulligans are for golf, not for political talking-heads: A defense of Hilary Rosen

By Ken Feltman If she had it to do over, Hilary Rosen could choose slightly different words and avoid the firestorm of criticism that followed her remarks about Ann Romney. Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus suggests that Rosen’s error was … Continue reading

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News Media and the Language of the Political Left

by Mark Rhoads One surefire way for the Left to dominate any topical debate with conservatives is to get the news media to adopt their language first. They are extremely successful at this much of the time because large media … Continue reading

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Much ado about a Tweet about Bill O’Reilly

by Ken Feltman I am getting a lot of criticism from Republicans and conservatives over a Tweet I sent yesterday in response to Bill O’Reilly’s statement that he is the second most powerful person in the United States, after the … Continue reading

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Fox News fails in GOP debate coverage

by Ken Feltman I was part of a group of political consultants and media representative who were asked to Tweet our impressions during the Republican debate last night. I must have sent 50 Tweets. After the debate, an overnight analysis … Continue reading

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