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What’s happening in Washington?

Take a look at Lobbyist News from Radnor Reports: Go to Lobbyist News –

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217 readers were asked to comment on Radnor Reports. Here’s what they said:

Sixty-one had mostly positive things to say while 128 were critical of something (such as the source of one or more articles or the research firm cited – even the Radnor logo). The remainder had suggestions or were neutral. Most … Continue reading

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Articles That Matter: September 17, 2019

Here are a few recent articles that you may find informative. The links open in a new window. United Nations sees increase in child soldiers recruited in South Sudan For Democrats, the Future Is Female If Your Gas Prices Seem … Continue reading

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Is the United States of America in Decline?

Ken Feltman – The Third Punic War ended in 146 BCE when Roman legions led by Scipio completed a three-year siege by burning Carthage. Scipio did not celebrate. He was observed crying as he listened to the screams of the … Continue reading

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Trump’s Dangerous Metaphor: A Podcast with George Lakoff

By Ken Feltman In June, 2016, I spoke to a group of chief executives and other senior officers from 129 of the largest public companies in the U.S. and Canada. My assigned topic was “What Kind of President Would Each … Continue reading

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