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Candy Tries to Help Her Hero

By Mark Rhoads A debate moderator who cannot hide her personal bias deserves to be called out publicly. Candy Crowley of CNN did not even try to appear to be neutral or objective. But her low point was when she interrupted Mitt Romney to … Continue reading

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A tale of two uninspiring speeches

What President Obama offered the country on the final night of the Democratic convention was reminiscent of what Warren G. Harding offered almost a century ago: A return to normalcy after a long period of emergency. Ezra Klein, the Washington … Continue reading

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Santorum Proves that the Fat Lady is in Bad Voice

By Mark Rhoads How dare Rick Santorum win a state by 22 points over Mitt Romney when every pundit in the world says Romney should measure his drapes for the West Wing. According to the CNN exit poll, the only group … Continue reading

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Independent Voters of Myth and Legend

By Mark Rhoads For many decades political scientists, main stream media, and pollsters have labored to find an animal as rare as a unicorn. The “independent voter” of legend according to these wise-in-their-own-opinion political junkies is someone who identifies with neither party … Continue reading

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Media Missed Santorum Surge Again

By Mark Rhoads For the second time since January 1, the mainstream media completely missed a surge by Rick Santorum last night. Three states is one night is not nothing especially when Mitt Romney carried Colorado in 2008 with a … Continue reading

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