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Company Culture as a Driving Factor of Loyalty

Riley Robinson-Higgins of Anthem Branding – As millennials are entering the job market as the largest generational cohort in the U.S. workforce, they bring with them an immense amount of market potential as buyers and as employees. The focus on … Continue reading

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3 strategies for making your customer more comfortable through AI

Payal Raina of Torstone Technology – Blundering about with old marketing technology can be limiting for your customers, or worse, downright uncomfortable. Using artificial intelligence (AI) can allow your systems to understand personal space a bit more, thereby making your … Continue reading

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Walmart Set to Deliver Groceries Into Your Home

Phil Wahba of Fortune – Attention Walmart food shoppers: soon, a Walmart (wmt, +0.66%) worker will be able to deliver groceries right to your fridge or basement even if you aren’t home. The retailer, which is the largest U.S. grocer … Continue reading

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Why Cereal Has Such Aggressive Marketing

From Alex Mayyasi of the Atlantic – Ads by the chicken lobby may convince people to eat a bit more chicken, but an avalanche of Tony the Tiger ads can get tens of thousands of children to eat Frosted Flakes … Continue reading

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Economists can’t save you now: The B2B fallacy and the pitfalls of presuming rational thinking in marketing

By: Rory Sutherland, Vice chairman of Ogilvy UK Think your B2B buyers are rational decision-makers? Think again. Most marketers believe in siloing B2B into its own substrata. A unique branch of some grand marketing taxonomy. And they think what makes … Continue reading

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