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Can FinTech Close the Gap Between ‘Unbanked’ Populations and Financial Services?

By Jay Lindsay of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston The Federal Reserve’s finding that nearly half of U.S. adults can’t cover a $400 emergency expense without borrowing money is a sobering statistic, and it speaks to the economic insecurity … Continue reading

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Federal Reserve Payments Study finds U.S. payments fraud a small but growing fraction of overall payments

From the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System The value of fraudulent noncash payments in the United States rose significantly between 2012 and 2015–outpacing growth in noncash payments overall, according to a new report based on Federal Reserve … Continue reading

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China’s ‘two-pillar policy’ for its currency, the Renminbi – what does this mean for other currencies, especially the U.S. Dollar?

Urban Jermann, Bin Wei, and Vivian Yue of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta The foreign exchange rate is the rate at which one currency can be exchanged for another and, as such, it is an important determinant of the … Continue reading

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Lobbyists spending the most in Washington

By Wyatt Massey of the Stacker 1. U.S. Chamber of Commerce 2. National Association of Realtors 3. American Medical Association Continue reading (starting at number 20)…

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If you do any of these things online, you could hurt your credit

By Alix Langone in Money What if a slip-up as small as typo could cost you the chance to get a loan? That may be the future of banking, according to a new study by U.S. and German researchers. Until recently, … Continue reading

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