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Matthew Whitaker’s testimony about Trump trying to influence the Cohen inquiry was cagey. Now we might know why.

By Aaron Blake writing for The Fix in the Washington Post – President Trump has denied a New York Times report that he asked then-Acting Attorney General Matthew G. Whitaker to appoint an ally in the Southern District of New York to run the investigation of Michael Cohen, Trump’s … Continue reading

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New York City Joins The “Imminent Bankruptcy” Club

  By Tyler Durden in Zero Hedge The “public pension crisis” is the kind of subject that’s easy to over-analyze, in part because there are so many different examples of bad behavior out there and in part because the aggregate … Continue reading

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The Lost City of Trump

By Michael Kruse of Politico The week before Thanksgiving in 1985, a 39-year-old Donald Trump announced his plan to make sure nobody would ever forget him. It was supposed to be Trump’s legacy. Today it’s a mere shadow of his dream—but … Continue reading

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The Death of a Once Great City: The fall of New York and the urban crisis of affluence

By Kevin Baker in Harper’s Magazine As New York enters the third decade of the twenty-first century, it is in imminent danger of becoming something it has never been before: unremarkable. It is approaching a state where it is no … Continue reading

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