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European Public Opinion Three Decades After the Fall of Communism

Most embrace democracy and the EU, but many worry about the political and economic future Richard Wike, Jacob Poushter, Laura Silver, Kat Devlin, Janell Fetterolf, Alexandra Castillo and Christine Huang of Pew Research – Thirty years ago, a wave of … Continue reading

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Would you share your views of Donald Trump over dinner?

Amina Dunn, Jocelyn Kiley, Alissa Scheller, Danielle Alberti and Carroll Doherty of Pew Research – The nation’s partisan divisions have deepened and grown more personal in recent years. And no recent president, from his earliest days in office, has evoked … Continue reading

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Key findings about America’s military veterans

Ruth Igielnik of Pew Research – A recent Pew Research Center survey of veterans found that, for many who served in combat, their experiences strengthened them personally but also made the transition to civilian life difficult. For many veterans, the … Continue reading

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Where Americans and Europeans agree – and differ – in the values they see as important

Laura Silver of Pew Research – How are American attitudes similar to or different from those measured in Europe? Are Americans more individualistic than their European counterparts? More religious? Do they value different things in politics? Continue…

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Defining generations: Where Millennials end and Generation Z begins

Michael Dimock of Pew Research – Pew Research Center has been studying the Millennial generation for more than a decade. But by 2018, it became clear to us that it was time to determine a cutoff point between Millennials and … Continue reading

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