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2018 Could Be The Year Of The Angry White College Graduate

by David Wasserman of FiveThirtyEight Even with the political winds at their back, Democrats enter the 2018 congressional midterms at a historic geographic disadvantage. They also face demographic hurdles: Midterm electorates tend to be older and whiter than those that … Continue reading

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How the Nixon Pardon Tore the Ford Administration Apart

My up-close view of Gerald Ford and the decision that overshadowed his legacy. By Donald Rumsfeld in Politico When Gerald Ford became president minutes after Richard Nixon’s resignation, Ford surprised many of us with how dramatically different he was in … Continue reading

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Rating Changes in 19 House Races: All Toward Democrats

By Nathan L. Gonzales of Roll Call In total, 68 GOP-held seats are now rated competitive Despite forecasts of a blue tsunami, it’s still not guaranteed that Democrats will win back the House majority. But the playing field of competitive … Continue reading

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The #Resistance Had A Very Good Night. But will that hurt Democratic chances in November?

By Nathaniel Rakich of FiveThirtyEight The Democratic Party woke up Wednesday with a clear signal from Tuesday’s primary elections: The #Resistance means business. The more progressive candidate won in Democratic primaries around the country. The question, however, is whether those … Continue reading

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Gripe session? As Trump lunches with Senate Republicans, here are their gripes with him

By Amber Phillips of the Washington Post President Trump and Senate Republicans have a … complicated relationship that often changes by the day (or sometimes by the tweet). But as Trump comes to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to meet with … Continue reading

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